Such a Girl

Dress a little shop by my house idk the name Booties Forever21
Sunglasses Forever21

I was really gettin down in this one! lol

OMG I just had an army of ants coming into my apartment from the backyard. The first thing that came to my mind was the show Infested. Have you ever seen it?! It's really gross. Me, being such a girl, started freakin out & didn't know what to do. So I vacuumed them up then called my dad. lol
Thank goodness for ant killer & dad, they're all gone.

Kk that's all I have today. I need to finish up some work before class.


  1. Oh my gosh, lady...I LOVE this dress! It is so adorable on you! And I am jealous of your super gorgeous long hair! I dream of the day when I can braid mine like that...

  2. Love this dress! Beautiful!!


  3. Very cute! You look so feminine!

  4. Ahh ants?! I'm so sorry. I wouldn't know what to do either. Thanks heaves for ant killer, dad, and your SUPER cute dress that saved the day.

  5. love the dress and the boots combo!!

  6. this is SO SO PRETTY, i love it. that dress will be perfect all through summer and it looks great with the boots--but my favorite part is the little red bow on the end of your braid! such an adorably whimsical touch :)

    also, you can totally pull off socks with heels! i find that i get fewer weird looks when i wear actual heels and not sandals-heels, not that i care either way!

  7. ohhh... I love the outfit... been wanting a white dress such as yours. you look great on it! cute and sexy. ^__^

    have a nice day :)



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