Vintage dress.

Oh hey! Remember me?! 
It's been a while since my last post.
I just check. Over a month! Shheesh that's pretty bad.. sorry 

Anywhooo.. I call this little black dress the one that got away. 
I bought it for my store and sold it before I could even put it online. 
Now that I look back I kinda wish I would have kept it! 
It's just a simple black dress, but I love it so much. The fit and fabric are amazing. 
{Sigh} They'll be another.. right?! 


Two ways: Oversize Coat

Outfit 1: All For You.. vintage coat/ thrift plaid shirt/ H&M faux leather leggings/ Forever21 booties
Outfit 2: All For You... vintage coat/ H&M dress/ Clark bootes/ bought scarf while in Morocco (similar

I've really been into oversized coats and colored coats this season. So I was excited when I found this vintage green overcoat for the shop. Two in one!! It also has an awesome boxy fit that's been trendy lately. Isn't it funny how almost all styles come back around?! That's why I love thrift/vintage shopping. Plus vintage is just made so much better than a lot of the stuff made now. 

I've been holding back from wearing this coat, but it's been sitting in my office staring at me-- begging to be styled up! lol What do you think of these looks? Are you into boxy-oversized-colored coats?! 



hheeeyyy ; ) 

Sweater: H&M/ Pants & Beanie: Urban Outfitters/ Booties: Clark 

I've worn this same outfit twice. #repeatoffender lol But I've never posted it on the blog, so it never really happened right?! Right.

Talking about great deals (yesterday's post) I bought these awesome green cargo pants at Urban Outfitters for $10. I love them, but they are the type of pants to get baggy after wearing them for a few hours. Maybe that's why they were on sale..?! lol



vintage wool coat/ Banana Republic sweater/ Charlotte Russe jeans/ Clark booties 

Can I just tell you how much I love this coat?! I just found it at a thrift store this weekend, and could not wait to wear it. You would not believe how much it cost! Guess... a whole $5!! Insane..no? I've found my share of really inexpensive stuff at thrift stores, but never like this.

I thought about selling it for a second, but I don't have any coats like this-- so I'm not giving it up! One of the hardest parts about having my shop, is not keeping everything for myself so I deserve this one..lol

Happy Monday!!
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