vintage wool coat/ Banana Republic sweater/ Charlotte Russe jeans/ Clark booties 

Can I just tell you how much I love this coat?! I just found it at a thrift store this weekend, and could not wait to wear it. You would not believe how much it cost! Guess... a whole $5!! Insane..no? I've found my share of really inexpensive stuff at thrift stores, but never like this.

I thought about selling it for a second, but I don't have any coats like this-- so I'm not giving it up! One of the hardest parts about having my shop, is not keeping everything for myself so I deserve this one..lol

Happy Monday!!


  1. Wao, what a deal!! And this coat looks so beautiful on you, I love how you added the pretty necklace!


  2. 5 bucks?? What a steal! I don't blame you for keeping it!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I know! It is so hard to sell the good stuff. :) I'm glad you kept that coat! You'll definitely use it in the winter. I have gotten so much wear from the vintage ones I've thrifted this year. It looks great on you! <3


  4. Girl you have been SO lucky in the coat finding department! Man, you've got mad thrift skills.


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