High waist + Crop

H&M crop sweater/ Uniqlo pant/ Forever 21 booties (old similar pair here and on sale!)/ Jacket (so old I don't remember but very cute one here)

Thank you to everyone that left me positive comments and vibes on my last post. I'm happy to say I have started working out at home and today I might be signing up for a gym. 

This outfit is something I just threw on before running out to run some errands with Josh. I wanted to be comfortable but not sloppy. I don't usually wear crop tops, but it works with a high waist pant so I just went with it. This spot is off the road from where I drive to and from work everyday and I have been wanting to take pictures here for a while. Yesterday I finally convinced Josh to pull over and take some photos of me-- I might  put my tripod to use and come back here again. 


  1. Your photos look great and the highwaisted pants and crop top looks amazing on you.. I've been wanting to try it out for a while now. have a great day, Melody..

  2. Love those pants, and your hair looks too cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Loving the top knot and the color of your pants! The field is such a pretty backdrop for photos too!

    The Tiny Heart
    Datevitation Giveaway!

  4. Not everyone can pull off high waisted pants and you did it perfectly! You look beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Perfect outfit for errands! Love those booties and the color of your pants :)

  6. Loveeeee the cropped top and high waisted pants! Looking fab, and I'm sure it's comfy too! And good for you for getting into the swing of working out :)

  7. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)


  8. I LOVE those pants with the cute crop top! The high waist and the cropped fit just looks soooo nice together :) I really like this outfit A LOT!

  9. this is lovely. I love the pants!!! You totally rock them!


  10. I love those pants!! The color is so pretty. And I love crop tops, but I always have to wear them with something high waist. Congrats on getting healthier! I just started Weight Watchers and I really like it so far. :)



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