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I cannot stop thinking about new boots. I mentioned in a previous post how much I love cut out booties. Problem is.. it's really not in my budget right now. #brokegirlproblems 
but I looveee them!! That should justify it enough right?! lol 

I never really impulse buy. If I see something I like, I usually ask myself 3 questions. 1. Do I already have something similar? 2. Is it something I can wear with a lot? 3. Is it going to cost an arm and a leg? 

When thinking about my new favorite type of boots my answers are no, yes, maybe. I'm currently searching for a pair of cut out booties that are less than $100 (more like $50). This black pair were perfect at only $50 but they're sold out : /

Send me a heads up if you know of any!


  1. Lol oh man, I am dying for new boots too!! I love the idea of cut-out booties but I'm so concerned with how quickly the temps cool and how hard they'll be to wear come November. :( Oh well, we shall see!! I hope you find some (affordable ones) you love and can take the plunge!

  2. Love each style, those shoes are to die for!



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