Between my brother's wedding and cleaning my bedroom & job because of Irene, I haven't got a chance to really do anything else. Luckily where I live we didn't get hit too bad. I just got some water downstairs and in the store. 

So today I'll leave you guys with two of my favorite performances from the VMAS. Beyonce & Adele. I looveee them both, their performances were amazing!

Oh yea, Beyonce is pregnant!! Does this mean she's not going to tour?! I've been dying to see her in concert!


  1. Beyonce was too cute at the VMAs and I loved that dress. Too pretty!

    Love the blog-consider me your newest follower!

  2. beyonce was definitely my favorite! great blog, following you now :)


    Fashion Fractions

  3. Beyonce has gotta be the fiercest pregnant woman I've ever seen! Did you see her performance? Soooo fierce.

    xx Cristina

  4. Ohh I love Beyonce! That's so cute that's she's pregnant! :)

    Notes She Wrote


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