Today I'm sharing some things big and small that made me smile this week.

Seeing this sign while driving to see what might be our first house.
I think that was a good sign

Having a new sister & bachelorette parties
This little cutie. even when he wakes me up at 3am

My new manicure.
 I did it with my unsteady hands and all the colors make me smile when I look down.

Head on over to monster cakes and see all the things big and small that make her smile!


  1. love that manicure! and i so wish our dogs had more play friends too. sadly, people don't take too kindly to pit bulls in my area, so they don't get to make too many new friends. so glad that they have fans in the blogging world, though! ; )

  2. Nice photos !

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  3. It's nice to remind ourselves that small things in life is worth smiling about :-). Love your manicure! xoxoxoo

  4. nice photos :) your baby is soooo cute


  5. I love your manicure! I saw a tip today on thebeautydepartment.com that said if you take a makeup brush and dip it in nail polish remover you can "paint" off the stray pieces of polish and clean up your line! good idea, huh!?

    following you now!

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