I ♥ Swaps

Shirt:Target Blazer:swap(F21) Jeans:Charlotte Russe Boots:Shi by Journeys Hat:Josh's (Gap)

Every few months, my friends and I get together and have a small swap party. Everyone brings a few things they don't want or fit anymore and we swap clothes. It's like shopping except everything is free. Add some wine and food, it becomes a fun night with your girlfriends. Have you ever been to a swap party?!


  1. you look great w/ the swapped jacket! i used to borrow/swap stuff w my roommate...it's fun and you double your closet haha. never did a swap party, but sounds super fun. =P

  2. I've never done this before but it sounds fun!

    xo erica

  3. brilliant idea, some of my friends have done it, but i haven't.... yet....

    i think a jewelry swap could be cool as well.


  4. My sister goes to these all the time in LA. SO much so that she takes all of my unwanted clothes and swaps them for stuff for her. I should charge her next time, ha ha!
    I have never had the pleasure of going but dream of it.

  5. hey, melody! i am a huge fan of boots over skinny jeans. you look very stylish here, and i absolutely love your blog. enjoyed browsing through your various posts, and enjoyed your writing style. new follower, and hope to stay connected. cheers, and happy new year!


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