Winter White

Dress:Some little store near my house I don't remember the name sorry 
Jacket:Gap Boots & Belt:F21

I wore this some time last week when it was warmer outside, weird since it's the middle of December, but I wasn't complaining. Now it officially feels like December, the temperature has dropped and it is freezing!  Which means I probably won't be wearing the dress and boots look for a while. Sucks cause I really like this look. Maybe I can just double up on the tights?

I have been wanting to wear this dress for a while, but wasn't sure what to pair it with so it wouldn't look so summery. Then I found this jacket in the upstairs closet and I thought the best way would be to add warmer colors and boots. What do you think....did it work?


  1. I love every part of this outfit! The boots, the dress, the jacket. Gorgeous!

  2. I think this look totally works! To stay warmer I suggest you double up on the tights for sure.

  3. I love the details on your dress. It's so pretty.

  4. Love this look! Super cute! Now that it's even colder knit tights would be perfect with this! Layer in an extra cardi under the jacket and maybe scarf and your good!


  5. Great nude color outfit! I love the girly with edge look <3


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