Thrift blouse worn as a dress, Zara belt, Spring flats, 

I found this blouse at the thrift store months ago and have been dying to wear it, but I refused to wear it with stockings. The pastel colors and flowers just screams Spring and warm weather, so I patiently waited til a warm enough day. I wore this Mother's Day, we really didn't do anything special. Honestly I dragged myself off the couch at 3pm, got ready and went to my mothers house for dinner. 

This blouse/dress was on a rack labeled vintage, but I'm honestly not sure what classifies as vintage. This doesn't have any labels on it so I can't look it up. Kelly also asked when does something become vintage..If you found out, let me know! lol


  1. What an adorable floral print "dress"! I consider something vintage if it's 10 years or older.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. To me, vintage is anything made before 1980. Love your cute dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Vintage or not, you look great in the dress. I love the arm candy,it adds a modern touch.

  4. I love it!! you look so pretty!!!

  5. Yeah - I'm still waiting for a straight answer on that too :P But either way, this is a gorgeous blouse/dress. Those shoes are adorable!!


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