Organized Accessories

This is how I finally organized my accessories! I used to have everything thrown all over the place. Til I got tired of losing and untangling my chains. Let me tell you.. this was is sooo much better! All of the chains are held up with push pins, and I put all of my rings, bangles, stud earrings inside of a jewelry box that Josh made me.

I made the body form a couple of months ago, but since I'm still tryin to teach myself how to sew, I haven't really put it to use. It was just sitting in the corner of the room for a long time, til I had the genius idea for it to hold my chains lol

I found the body form DIY on YouTube from ThreadBangers I thought it was pretty cool so I had to try it. They have tons of good DIYs!  

He was so proud that he made this on his own!
I love it : )
The top is a picture frame so i put one of my favorite pictures of us from when we went to Cabo San Lucas... Soo much fun!

How do you keep your accessories organized?

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