I did it!

pheww long time no post! I actually feel weird, I was getting used to posting everyday, but I been really busy studying, working, and cleaning up after water came flowing into my bedroom Sunday! Every time it rains really hard water drips from the kitchen ceiling and comes in from a crack in the bedroom..Can you believe that ish?! I was so pissed! When we moved in my landlord said, "yea there's just a tiny leak we're going to fix it right away." That was about 6 months ago! I called him yesterday, they should be coming this week to finally fix it.

Anywoo.. I finished the 30x30 Challenge!! Woohoo!!  

Shirt: Target
Jeans: Charolette Russe
Boots: Shii
Necklace: Aldo

That's plastic wrap on my arm, my tattoo was dry
so I put lotion on but it was sticking to everything lol

Stripe shirt: Cheap Maggies
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress {as a skirt}: Wet Seal
Boots: Shii

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