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Beyonce- Run the world

I love Beyonce, like 4real love all of her songs & style. Her new song, Run the World, makes me want to go out & dance! lol

But this video kinda let me down. I thought she would be dancing more and really gettin' it! Don't get me wrong it's good & I do like it or else I wouldn't be posting it. Maybe it's just because I saw the other video first. Those girls really danced there ass off!


  1. i loved this, especially the second video.

  2. Beyonce is so fantastic, always amazing!
    Have a great day!

  3. Hi dear,

    Been trying to send you messages letting you know my blog has moved. Come over and follow me there instead.

    ♥ http://mybookness.blogspot.com
    ♥ http://mybookness.blogspot.com


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