lost for a while.

In the beginning Josh and I weren't going to book any tours, we were just going to wing it and find something to do. But after thinking about it, we were in a different country, don't know the language or where to go. So while in Athens Greece, we booked a tour of Acropolis and then we would shop at the Plaka after.

Well on our way to the bus, a woman came up to us and said, do you want to go on this bus? It's the same tour, they just have less people on this one. So we said OK. Half way through the drive the tour guide turned and said your on the wrong bus, when we stop I'm going to walk you out and someone will meet you there. No one ever came! After waiting around not knowing what to do or where we should go. I said lets just walk back to where the bus was parked and hope they haven't left yet. Thankfully we got there just before the bus pulled off! So we missed both tours, our original and the wrong one we went with. But, we did get to shop and the cruise ship gave us a credit for it.

Next up Kusadasi Turkey!
A much better expierence.

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