H&M Sweater, Forever21 Dress, Gap Jacket, Palyess Flats, Thrift necklace

I don't like to say I have one specific style. Much like a lot of other girls. It depends on my mood and where/what I'm doing that day. Some days I like to dress up, play around, try new things.. But my basic go to outfit is pretty much simple, jeans and t shirt with a pop of something extra. (accessories, print, or bright color) I guess that's my style? I'm not big on tons and tons of layers, or colors, or prints at once. on myself It looks great other people, I just feel silly. Don't get me wrong I do like to try new things. One trend I'm loving right now, that I would have never thought I would, is print pants. Like LOVE ok slightly obsessed. lol I'm also loving neon and pastels.

How about you, do you have a specific style? What trends are you looking forward to wearing?

Anywhoo.. This is what I wore yesterday for work and class. Below is the same outfit except, those are the shoes I would have worn if I had somewhere fun to go instead.


  1. love that jacket!


  2. Love the outfit!! Those shoes are killer.
    I'm the same way, my style isn't defined by anything. It's completely random depending on how I feel that day. Though I'm completely 100% in love with button-ups and blouses so those usually make their way into my outfits...

  3. I LOVE that necklace!!


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