backyard barbecue

I don't know how I look dark in this photo.. I wish I had a tan! 

Target Tank/ Shorts: Can't remember they used to be pants, I cut them years ago similar/ Aldo sandals

Today I'm linking up with Sharon and doing What to Wear: Backyard BBQ. We had to style an outfit we would wear to a backyard barbecue. When I think of barbecues I think of friends, family, good food, music. There will most likely be dancing and games, so I always want to go with something comfortable.

I've had these shorts for like seven years, I think I got them from Charlotte Russe or Forever21. They are my favorite most comfy pair of shorts. They're loose and so soft probably from all the washing over the years lol They are even starting to get holes but I don't care, I wear them anyway! hahaa..

I'm off to check out what the other ladies wear to BBQs.. 

P.S. I know these photos are a little bigger than normally but any other way just looked weird. I'll get it right soon!


  1. This is SUCH a cute look! Love the stripes and that hat, especially with that awesome bike! Have fun in Baltimore :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Your neon striped tank is so cute with the fedora, Melody! I love how you posed with the beach cruiser :) Thanks SO much for linking up!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Love your tank! It's such a pretty color combination. Those shorts look super comfy and lived in. Sweet bike!

  4. oh wow such fun bright colors and wonderful combination at that~ you look great!!

  5. Melody you look So adorable! I love your colorful tank and the cutoff shorts, perfect outfit for a backyard bbq! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! and yes, those pics were taken in Jersey City! how did you know?


  7. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    Such a great outfit - I love the hat and that tank is adorable! I am such a sucker for pink and blue together. You look relaxed and chic!

  8. Eek! I totally meant to do the link up and forgot! I love this outfit! The pictures with the bike look so cute and perfect for summer.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  9. found your blog through the Tiny Heart link up; I'm a fellow linker! LOVE this look - the fedora and top are just too cute!!!!

    Following you now :-)


  10. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    This is a perfect outfit for a BBQ! I love your bright tank, and those cut off shorts are so cute. And yay for your cruiser bike! I haven't ridden mine in weeks because it's been so hot, but I love riding it. :) <3


  11. I followed you over from The Tiny Heart link up! I love your BBQ outfit- very similar to mine :) And I wish I had that bike- awesomeness!
    Katie- Hems For Her

  12. Awesome bbq outfit! Love the hat!!!

  13. I love cut-off shorts for a bbq!


  14. Cute outfit for a bbq, hehe I did this link up too! And the stripe top is really cute, so colorful :)

  15. Great outfit for a BBQ! Love that top, and you look absolutely adorable in that hat :) Have a great weekend!

  16. How cute are YOU?! I love this outfit, and am so jealous of your bike!!! XOXO

  17. You look so cute. Is that your bike?

  18. loving that striped colored top!!!



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