Easy breezy makeup routine

I don't like to look or feel like I have a lot of makeup on. So my everyday makeup routine basically consist of only these 4 products. Since I've discovers Garnier's BB Cream I have been in love! This stuff is amazing. I use it as a foundation, because it evens out my skin tone so well. (I use the medium/deep shade)
I just started using makeup primer, because I heard it was good to use if you want your makeup to last. And they are days when I go straight from work to class and I'm out all day. 

I love everything except the concealer. I do like it but I'm not really loving it, because I feel like it doesn't last on the days where I'm out all day. (Maybe that will change since I started using the primer.?) I think I may need to splurge a little and get something better. Do you have any favorites?!

I'm aware the Nars bronzer isn't necessarily a splurge for a lot of people, but considering I get everything else from CVS.. it is for me. I've tried other drugstore bronzers but they never compare to this one.  

What does your makeup routine look like?


  1. I use that BB Cream and the Great Lash too! I put on eyeshadow and eyeliner too...I can't live without my eyeliner :)

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  2. what is a bb cream? been hearing a lot of buzz about it.. Nars is a splurge for me too..XO-Jewel

  3. I haven't ever tried a BB cream...I might have to pick this one up this weekend. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the sweet comment today!!! xoxo

  4. I use very few products daily as well - I am the same way, I hate feeling like I have a lot of makeup on!


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