Layering 101

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Since it's still the beginning of fall and isn't too cold out yet, a few light layers is a good way to go. I'm good with layering out. You know shirt + blazer + scarf or hat. But what I don't do too much of is under layers like this one above. I don't have the right sweaters, so I always feel like a stuffed sausage. The key is to have sweaters or button down shirts that you can comfortably wear over other shirts. So lately whenever I'm at the thrift store, I've been looking for some or just going into the men's section.

Are you a fan of layering?! 

PS. Everything in this set is under $100, the sweater is just $31!
PPS. We're not going to be homeless, we found an apartment! : ) 


  1. Hey Melody! I'm glad you guys found an apartment and you will find a house that you'll be so in love with. I wasn't a big fan of layering. I would wear a tank top and my coat and call it a day but I'm embracing it and I actually kinda like it.. ps. I'd love to hear what you think on my newest post. enjoy your weekend.. Xo-Jewel

  2. I love this look! And I agree, if your layers don't all fit right together I just feel like a bit teddy bear! haha :)

    Life etc

  3. Good thing you won't be homeless, that doesn't sound like too much fun... :P
    And This is totally my kind of outfit. Love every piece of it. These days you can get away with some men's styles with the whole "androgynous" vibe, which is awesome cause there's nothing better than a comfy plaid men's shirt. :)

  4. I love layering too, this outfit is really nice! LOVE the sweater :)

  5. Of course I love layering too! Hope you are staying safe and dry today!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. This outfit is great!! Love the boots :)
    Beijos, Ana


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