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So as you all may know, New York Fashion Week is coming!
Of course I would love to be inside and watching the actual shows in person, but I can't. That's where instagram and the rest of social media comes into full force! This year I just want to be in the same area, so I'm dragging Josh with me to Lincoln Center to do some serious people watching and style stalking. 

I put together these two outfits as inspiration for what I want to wear. I'm hopefully going Monday and Tuesday. I'm never one to go for crazy prints and look at me clothes, but I do love pops of interesting. ie. the Lips clutch. 

Will you be in New York during Fashion Week?! 


  1. Londinco leaking in the denim shirt these are some great pics!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. love both choices


  3. Oh love the first look - that lip clutch is SO neat!

  4. That lip clutch is my favorite! It would match my tattoo! :) I'm so jealous you get to just go and people watch. That has to be one of the best parts. I hope you take lots of photos and share them! <3



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