First of all..Yay I'm getting some followers!!  Thanks ladies!! : D

Sundays outfit was kinda blah but hey it was Sunday, my one day off to do absolutely nothing! Steelers lost, i really thought they were going to win, good thing I didn't bet on it! Oh well there's always next year right?! Sorry these aren't the best pictures,they were taken after the game so I was a little disappointed and tryin to rush before the camera died {the reason I can't put up #7 & 8 yet}

Pink Sweater: Cheap Maggies
Leopard dress{worn as a shirt}: from a friend
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Shii
Watch: borrowed from Josh

I really want to start getting some outdoor pictures, I have lots of good places I want to go but it's just so freakin cold! Plus I need to find someone to bribe to take my pictures since me and Josh have different schedules..Ooh maybe my nieces!

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