Way Behind

wow sorry guys, I'm so far behind on my post. I swear I'm not just being lazy lol I just haven't been on the computer. So here it goes..

Tshirt: Target
Dress: Wet Seal
Grey Socks: Target
Boots: Shii
Accessories: I don't know the name of the store, it's a place in Hoboken where they hand make jewelry

Thursday night Josh and I had a little date night. I went into the city {to meet him} alone for the first time!  I'm really bad with directions so i was a little nervous lol But it wasn't bad at all. : )

Tshirt: Target
Jacket: Gap
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Shii
Earrings: Gift
Friday after work I went to my brothers house and played the Wii Just Dance 2
I wish I had pictures or a video it was so much fun! It really feels like a work out lol You really have to try it, if you haven't yet.

Tshirt: Target
Dress: Montreal street Festival
Tights: Marshall's
Sweater: Forever21

Honestly this isn't one of my favorite outfits. I had to work Saturday, and since it's the busiest day I just wanted to be comfortable. It's not that bad right?! lol The two things I do like are my fishtail braid and the necklace.

Ook I have to go help Josh clean now, we're having a Super Bowl party!! Let's go Steelers! : D

I promise I'll post todays outfit later..


  1. It's really difficult to keep up, so you are forgiven. Great looks, and it's obvious you are a pro at remixing. I don't know if 30 days is doable.

  2. i love the side braid there, and your necklaces are awesome. you are seriously looking so chic in all of these. nice!
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (fellow remixer)


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