Remix #2

Sweater: Gap (Josh's closet)
Blazer: Forever21
Boots: Shii

Hey! So today was a pretty easy day, except for the fact that i waited for the bus for a hour this morning in the icy rain! Crazy right?! It usually takes me 15 minutes to get to work. But I finally made it and it was pretty slow so I got a chance to post my picks and yesterdays outfit. Plus class was cancelled so I got to lounge around the house : ) 

It's been really cold so I knew Josh's sweater would be perfect cause it a little big on me and soo comfortable. I added the blazer for some shape and extra warmth.

p.s. that box in the corner has Christmas decorations in it and next to that theres a christmas tree halfway in the box.. lol It's February for goodness sake, what's wrong with me?! lol I'll put it away soon I just need to clean out our one closet.. soon!

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