Maxi 13/30

Maxi dress: Target
Shirt: Cheap Maggies
belt: ?
Black Boots: Shii

I was kinda iffy about wearing this maxi, but I included it in my 30 pieces so I can challenge myself and wear something different. But I've been putting it off cause I wasn't sure if it was more of a "oh she looks cute" or "why the hell is she wearing that?!" lol But Sunday morning I woke up feeling great and said whatever, I like it so I'm going to wear it! I also got Josh's approval..sort of.

Me: Hey! How does this look?
Josh: It's a lil hobo-ish, but I like it! (i also had on a grey jacket )
Me: umm.. ok thanks?!
Josh: It's already day 13, you gotta funk it up!

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