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Shirt Swapped with my sister{Mandee} Jeans Charlotte Russe
Flats Spring Bangles Forever21 Scarf dollar store


Hey! So this outfit is really plain a little on the boring side but this is what I wore to work today. I woke up late as always so I was in a rush. I felt like it needed some color and since my hair wasn't done, I threw this scarf on. Can you believe I bought it at the dollar store?! $1.04 to be exact! I think it's super cute and I can wear it a lot of different ways.

Anywoo.. I just got back from the Salvation Army and I am sooo happy! I found a pair of white Theory pants for only $5!! I have been searchinngg for white pants, but I'm on a really tight budget, so when I saw these I almost fell out! lol I also got a cute little H&M blazer with tags still for just $7. I just started thrift shopping, and I'm soo happy I did, I love it! If you don't, you really should!

Well I have a hot date tonight so I'm off to get ready!

Later loves = )


  1. I love your hair turban! So adorable and a great way to keep hair out of your face, esp. me with bangs! :)

    xo Lynzy

  2. I actually love this look in all it's simplicity! The hair scarf is the perfect touch, and I love how you cuffed the pants. Cute girl!

  3. This is really cute! It reminds me of something Marilyn Monroe would have worn. And Theory pants for $5? Great find!!

  4. I just saw on your profile that u are from NJ! I am too!!! I live in east brunswick!!! i rarely meet bloggers from NJ! so, it's nice to meet you:)
    great outfit! and I think you will be great at thrift shopping, you've got a good eye for things.
    xoxo, Olya


  5. p.s. thanks for visiting my blog;)

    xoxo, Olya


  6. I love thrift shopping also! I recently got 2 belts and a scarf for $5, bargain! I can't wait to se your purchases :)

    Have just followed

    You should definitely check out my giveaway though!


  7. Though your outfit is simply I quite adore it. The head scarf was a really nice tough to add some color and I can't stress it enough, I LVOE LOVE LOVE driving shoes!!! I give you two thumbs up.
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, cheers,


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