That sucker came outta no where..

omg can I tell you how freakin sick I was yesterday?! Well I just did. I was sneezing and stuffy the day before but I just thought it was allergies. I woke up yesterday, my whole body ached and had the worst headache. It was horrible!

To top it off both Josh & I were sick! We were in bed all day! The only time I dragged myself, and him, out of bed was to go buy chicken soup (that apparently no restaurant sells on Friday!) I settled for Lipton soup, read through a few of your blogs and headed back to bed. I feel a little better today, thank god cause I had no choice of getting up or not, I had to come to work : /

Since I don't wanna show off my sick face you can enjoy some pictures I took from our date the other day They were taken on my crappy phone sorry..

If you are ever in Hoboken and like sushi you should
def. go to Robongi. They have the best sushi.

We went during the day so there weren't a lot of people
but at night and on the weekend, this place is packed &
music blastin. It's a fun place to have dinner before going out.


  1. I'm sorry you were sick! Also, that sushi looks delish. I am starving right now.

  2. boo, i hate sicknesses that come from nowhere. glad you guys were able to have a fun date though :) <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  3. I hope you feel better soon!!

  4. I hope you feel better! I love Robongi. Their sushi is amazing! :)


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