I'm baacckk

Hey guys! As you can see I'm back from vacation. Everything was ahh-mazingg!! The ship, the weather, the service, the food I pretty sure I gained a few pounds, all of our stops and Rome....I def want to go back! I have tonss of pictures 700 to be exact but I promise I won't share all of them lol I'll share a few at a time for the next couple days. These are some from the ship.

I'm off to catch up on your blogs, being away from the internet was rough at times..lol

Every other night the stateroom attendant would make cute little animals out of towels and put my sunglasses on it lol
We won like $85 from the quarter slot machine

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  1. great pictures! I especially like the last shot. Looks like you guys had a great time :)


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