I left my camera at home so I can't update you on the last and best part of the vacation, Rome. That will come tommorrow. So for now I decieded to share some of the stuff I'm loving lately via Pinterest.
click on the picture for the original source.

Her green pants & leather jacket..I mean really how could you not love this?!
and she's adorable

I just found this blog today, honestly I don't even know her name but I love her blog!
I could go on and on loving every outfit. Major inspiration here. And I have the same orange pants.
one of my buys while in Rome
 hopefully I can pull them off half as good as she did!

This Madwell ad bascially explains everything I want for fall.
Boots, colored jeans, fun scarves, cute sweaters

What are some things you're currently loving?!


  1. That gist green pants and leather jacket is to die for right?!?! Um... you can totally pull off the orange pant look for sure. Hope you have a great day!

  2. I'm loving the Madwell collection right now too! I'm also loving spicy tones like those mustard boots and and the burgundy scarf!

  3. great outfit! Waiting you on my page


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