Summer '11

So this weekend marks the official end to the summer. Good thing about it is 3 day weekend! 2 days off from work. A normal weekend I guess, I always work Saturdays and usually have one day off so I'll take it!
Next weekend Josh and I are finally leaving on our vacation. We have been waiting for this since JANUARY! I thought it would never come, but we are one week away! And it's a short work week, hopefully that makes it go faster. Can you tell how happy I am yet?! lol

We were talking the other day about the things we've done this summer. I have been a broke heffa, mainly because of this vacation, so there's been a lot of budgeting. But I have done some really fun stuff, and also had exciting things happen in the family.

                                            Summer 2011 Recap
went to the Coney Island beach. It's free and always fun.
started really thrift shopping & I think I'm addicted

spent lots of fun weekends with the girls

saw Sade & John Legend in concert.

celebrated both our birthdays. mine: shopping josh: dinner & Cirque du Soliel

my sister had a baby. My first nephew!

my brother got married!

and the topping on the cake.. 9 day 9 night vacation!! We will be on a cruise from Rome to Sicily,Greece, & Turkey for 7 days then stay 2 days in Rome.

How has your summer been?! What fun/exciting things did you do?


  1. Oooh!! I hope you have a wonderful time! That sounds like such a great vacation.

  2. Looks like such fun times!



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