No Heat Curls

Hey guys! So I just want to share an awesome no heat curl tutorial I just found.

I saw this on pinterest and have been doing my hair like this basically everyday. It's so easy and seriously takes 5 minutes. You can watch the full how-to video here.


This day I did it in the morning and kept the band on while I did stuff around the house
I usually do it at night and take the band off in the morning.  
The first time I tried it I wasn't sure if it was really going to work, but I have to say I was impressed!

I didn't add any products before. Just a little hair spray when I took the band off. So I think if your hair is super straight and doesn't curl well you might need to add some kind of product before putting the band on.

So.. are you going to try it out?!


  1. very cool! I might have to check it out. the curls are gorgeous!

  2. wow, i'm def. going to try it. your hair turned out gorgeous! better than the tutorial! :)

  3. That looks amazing. Thanks for the tips :)


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