Well Worth It

Shirt:Target jeans:Charlotte Russe Booties:F21 Jacket:Zara

I took these pictures last week when it was fall. Some how since then we went back to spring/summer weather.

I bought this jacket while I was in Rome. It was my first time shopping at Zara, and as soon as I saw the huge store I looked at Josh and said, I saved all this money...it's time to SHOP! lol
I always assumed it was crazy expensive, but it really wasn't. This jacket was like $65 which is not that bad. I think it might be the most I've paid for a jacket..lol Is that weird?! But I didn't mind buying it because it's something I can wear for a long time and with lots of different outfits. The sleeves are a little long but that's an easy fix.
Do you guys shop at Zara?


  1. Great look,hon!Love the shirt!

  2. AHH! I can't believe that jacket was only $65! At the Zara in Canada it would be at least $150! Well.. maybe not, but it could be! I've seen some ridiculously priced stuff there...

  3. Love those shoes! I unfortunately don't have a Zara near me, otherwise I'd shop there all the time :)


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