You Don't Need Tons Of Money...

lace shirt: I made it skirt: Thrift belt:Zara (came with different pants) flats: ? very old

I was really happy with this outfit. Kinda proud, because the shirt and skirt were handmade and thrifted so the total cost of this outfit is around $12 (the price of the skirt, flats, and stockings) 
I was not happy that I only got to wear it for about 2 hours on Sunday while I did a little Christmas shopping. Then I went back home and changed. So that means I will be wearing it again. ; ) 

I got this skirt on my last thrift shopping trip, when I was looking for maroon pants. I didn't find the pants but I did come close with this skirt. I made the lace shirt with left over material from my sisters graduation dress. Don't worry she graduation a loongg time ago, she wasn't wearing it again It was a long lace dress with a shorter white dress under. So I cut the lace part off the bottom and make this shirt. Basically the same way I made this dress. Now I have a new shirt and dress! 


  1. Beautiful outfit! You look gorgeous! In fact my daughter and I often go to the Sunday market here in Rome, the famous Porta Portese. They have fabulous bargains. Last Sunday she bought a dress for 10 euros and a sweater for 8 euros. I buy most of my clothes there. Hello from Italy!

  2. You look great!! I love the lace shirt you made and the skirt is such a great colour. Awesome outfit! You SHOULD feel proud :)

  3. What a cute little shopping number. Def. looks comfortable with the flats! Love your belt - so cute!


  4. I am so jealous you can sew and I'm glad that you waited for your sister to get out of the dress before you cut it up;-)
    You look so dang cute and for only $12 I am amazed!

  5. you look adorable. perfect outfit for christmas shopping--it's very festive!

  6. The cut of this skirt is super flattering on you. Love the color also!

  7. You look gorgeous! Congrats on making that lace shirt, it looks amazing!

  8. amazing post.



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