That's what sisters are for.

Jacket:Gap Shorts: Vigoss Scarf: Aldo tshirt: Josh's (Gap) Boots: Swapped (Bakers)

Last weekend my sister and I swapped boots, I took these and she got my brown tall boots. Remember when I said I needed a new pair of black boots, well I found them, she may never get these back! LOL I love them. That's what sisters are for right?! To borrow their clothes and shoes and never return them. ; ) 
Unfortunately, these are her new boots, so there's no way she'll forget about them. And if she knew how I've been wearing them non-stop she would probably kill me. 

Today I played around with the lighting while editing these pictures. The first one I like, the second and third not so much. But this was my first time trying this so please forgive me while I figure it out. Do you fix the lighting and size when you edit pictures?! Do you have any tricks or tips?!

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  1. AHH I love this outfit on you! one of my fav's!


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