Bedroom Inspiration

So it's official Josh and I have a home! We're moving in next week, so I've been daydreaming and planning out how to decorate. Josh is really good with interior decorating so he's already set on how he wants to living dinning rooms. So I've been thinking of what I want our bedroom to look like. 

I love crisp white walls with splashes of color in the linens and rugs. I also love Bohemian styles so that's what I'm drawn to for our bedroom. I've been collecting photos on Pinterest for inspiration so I decided to share them. 

What does your home look like? Do you like bright and colorful rooms or are you into more neutral tones?


  1. LOVE those pictures. The trunks are such a cool touch.

  2. Congratulations on your new home. That is wonderful! I need to incorporate more color into mine. It's black and beige all over. HAHAHA Wonderful inspiration pictures!

  3. We are in the process of getting our house and have just started looking at home inspiration and whoa it is overwhelming...so many good ideas out there! Good luck!

  4. I love that first bedroom, it's so pretty. And I love the idea and look of trunks as end tables.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. The trunks-as-night-stands idea seems really cool at first, but you would have to move everything out when you want something that's inside. Or maybe just use them as decoration and not as actual storage units?



  6. I would love to live in any of these spaces! So gorgeous :)


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