This is me.

Forever21 blazer (thrifted) & shirt/ Charlotte Russe jeans & booties 

Usually when I'm running late to work (which is almost everyday) I take my makeup bag with me and do it once I get to work. But Saturday I forgot it and had to go the entire day without an ounce of makeup on. Nothing. Nada.

Now I'm not a girl that packs on a ton of makeup everyday. I just use BB Cream, concealer, mascara and I'm good to go. But I've gotten so use to having it, that I felt so uncomfortable being around other people without it. I felt insecure, like people were going to look at me weird. Like "Oh girl, cover them dark circles up!" But guess what, no one did. All my usual customers were nice and carried on like normal. By the end of the day I wasn't even thinking of it anymore.

Maybe I got a little too comfortable, because I went sans makeup again today. (Which are these photos)

Do you ever go without makeup?


  1. oh man I am crazy about wearing make up I would freak out if I went no makeup to work...you are so brave hahaha <3

  2. I never go without make up! I have a complex. I have a lot of acne scars and redness, so I always like to have foundation. I wish I had the kind of skin where I could just throw on mascara, gloss, and go out the door. It would save me so much time! :) You look flawless though!

    I LOVE your couch and rug! Where did you get them?? <3


  3. LOVE this outfit! And yes I do go sans makeup at times :)

  4. Love the top, I adore anything tiger or cat related. Unfortunately I could not go without makeup.

  5. you look stunning! i know that feeling, i usually get the "you look tired" comment. i also love this outfit so much, like want to copy it piece for piece. would you mind if we featured it on our blog tomorrow?

  6. I always have to have concealer and mascara on, but I don't wear too much makeup anyway. You look so pretty, love that tee!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. For about a year I went without makeup. I would wear it if i was going out for dinner or to a party but not to work. It was to give my skin a break. But my acne has flared up big time recently so I've been forced to wear concealer and foundation these days. Ah well, I guess it looks better. ;)

    You look great though! And I love that t-shirt on you!

  8. Great look :)


  9. Melody, super cute look (and great boots!) - could you tell me where you got your rug? I'm looking for something like this. Thanks so much!

    Mary Jo


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