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Short&Chic vs Long&Wavy

So I always go in and out of these phases where for a while I want long pretty beachy wavey hair then I want to chop it off and get short low maintance but still super cute hair. Lately I've been leaning toward cutting off what I feel took a life time to grow. I usually never put so much thought into cutting my hair cause really.. it will grow back! But it took SO LONG this time.

When I was in high school I constantly changed it up. Whether it was dying it red, blonde, mix of red-orange-blondish that one was a mistake. Or just chopping it off out of the blue. I'm getting so bored with my hair now I feel like I need a change! So what do you think, should I cut it or keep it?!
Help me out here!


  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    i personally think u look cute w/ long or short hair, so whatever you decide will look great! :) (i know what u mean about having to wait awhile to grow out your hair...it can be torture!)

    kimchi girl

  2. I think both styles look great on you! I chopped off all my hair last year and regretted it less than a month later. Maybe you should try it in steps...like go somewhere in between short and long? It's not so drastic and if you still want to chop it all off you can. It just takes longer to grow back out. :)

  3. You know, I go through the same debate but recently I've been loving the long hair. Both look great on you, though!


  4. Don't do it! I am still growing out my hair from years ago as well. We can chop our hair off when we are old okay!

  5. I totally understand, one day I'm all about the long beachy look, the next I'm craving a shoulder length cut. I would say cut it! You look awesome with short hair, and its one less thing weighing you down in summer heat! If you end up disliking it, I know tons of people who take biotin which helps your hair grow fast!

    Have a great day :)


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