Family fun

The man of the night. My nephew Micheal Angel

This past Saturday was my sisters baby shower. Normally you have a baby shower while the woman is still pregnant, but my nephew was being fussy and wanted to come out and join us in the fun! he wasn't at the actual party cause he's still too small to have around a lot people. But family & friends came and celebrated with my sister & her boyfriend.

If you didn't know, spanish people love to turn what suppose to be a small get together into an all out fun-dancing-drinking-adult party! lol And that's exactly what we did. Danced, ate, drank a little and a lot for some. It was fun having everyone together to celebrate this newest addition to our family. Next up...my brothers wedding on the 27th!!

Brother sister & me

my brother & his fiance

dance dance!


  1. Love the white over the little black dress! Makes it a bit more casual ;)

    xx Cristina

  2. Awww, the little man of the night is precious! You guys definitely know how to party! xoxo


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