Go out & do it!

Lately I've been trying to have a worry less, think positive, do more, complain less kinda attitude. Sometimes I over-think every situation and worry about the things that can go wrong. But I'm tryin to let that go and just do what I want and have fun! So what if something goes wrong, thats life! All you can do from there is move on. I got a little reminder of this after reading Jessica's blog monster cakes You should read it too, she's pretty awesome


  1. All of these are right on! I used to stress so much about little things that one big things came up I was a mess. My bf till this day still calls me his stress basket. But I have learned (by hours of girl talk over coffee and cake) that worrying is still and life is short. Get up, get over it and life everyday with passion.
    I wish you luck. It's not easy!

  2. I love these quotes! So nice for a Friday :)


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