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Dress as a skirt Thrift Belt Thrift Tank borrowed from my sister Sandals ? I think Miami

Hey! If you follow me on twitter you know I was suppose to put up my post for EBEW pattern mixing, but when I got home my camera was dead so.. there goes that. Since there's no pictures to prove it, I'll wear it again one day. Even though Josh is not a big fan of mixing prints, at all. Instead, here's today's outfit. This is the dress I thrifted a while ago. I just put a tank top over, added a belt, now it's a cute skirt!

Don't have a lot going on today BUT tomorrow night I'm going to be helping my friend Lilliana at The Talent Xchange, Fahion by the Pool show in the city & I am super excited!! And a little nervous cause it's my first time helping or even going to a fashion show. The first thing I thought was "What am I going to wear?!" lol Since I'm helping and not going to watch I want to be comfortable. But I really want to wear my new shoes..what do you think, flats or heels?!

Have you been in/ helped out/ or went to a fashion show? How did it go?! What did you wear?!

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  1. Aww just wanted to say discovered your blog by chance and it reaally brought a smile to my face! :))


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