Christmas wish list

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Christmas is just a few weeks away, with trying to decide what to get everyone else, I've also been thinking of what I would like for myself. So Josh or Melissa (my sister) if you're reading this... here are some stuff I would love! ; ) 

-I always like to carry around a little notebook or planner in my purse. I know I can put everything in my phone, but I like to actually write it down. And my last one was ruined at my job during Sandy.
-I usually don't wear a lot of perfume, but my sister has this Gucci one and I LOVE it! Every time I go over to her house I sneak some..Sorry Melissa it's true lol
-I really need a new laptop. I use Josh's now, but I need something of my own. I would really like something light weight that I can carry in my purse if I need to. If you have any suggestions, I would love to know. 
-Also a cute carrying case for it! 
-I think faux fur collars and scarves are just so cute! The collars look good layered over just about anything and they look really warm and cozy. 

What's on your Christmas list?!


  1. I love that fur scarf! A new laptop would be a great gift for you... if you want something light that you can carry around, what about a new tablet!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I have that mj iPad cover. Love using it as a clutch

  3. I love actually writing things down too- for some reason it helps me remember. And the fur scarf is great!

  4. Great items for a Christmas gift! The fur scarf is my favorite!!

  5. Love that faux fur scarf - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Awesome photos, I like your combination very much! You got a great taste, and your blog is really fun to read! Please check out my new post and tell me what you think, it means a lot to me :)


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