shirt: Sisley (thrift) blazer: F21 jeans: Charlotte Russe boots: Shi by Journeys

I don't know if it was the hair or outfit but this day I felt playful & fun all day.
This is how my hair naturally looks. Curly and big.
I got a lot of compliments that day so maybe I should go all natural more often.
One made me especially happy was from Josh. I think it's so cute when he gets home and tells me he likes something I have on or how my hair looks that day. It's so sweet.

Another thing that makes me really happy is date nights. Even though we've been together a long time, we live together and I see him every single day. 
I always get excited, from getting ready to actually going out.
While we're getting ready we usually have the radio on and sing & dance around the house mostly me : )
It's always fun. And nice to get out and away from the TV Internet and sofa! lol

I have a hot date tonight and can't wait. I think we're going to dinner and ice skating at Bryant Park.
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Mel your hair looks AMAZING!!!! You should, um no NEED to wear it like this everyday. I am not even kidding. When my hair is curly and big I feel super playful and sexy so I hope you hair looks like this for your hot date night because sparks will fly!
    I am loving your poses too:-)

  2. p.s. your outfit is cute too. Sorry I got caught up with your hair.

  3. These boots are KILLER. Tall boots are the best.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Your hair is so cute! I love it curly, you should definitely do it more often ;)

    Hope you had fun on your night out!

  5. Your hair is gorgeous! I hope your date went well! How was ice skating in Bryant Park?! I've been meaning to go!


  6. LOVE the colors in this! And your..HAIR! It's adorable!!!


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