Pink + Polka Dots

Payhalf shirt, Forever21 Blazer, Charlotte Russe Jeans, Shi by Journeys Boots

K so instead of writing Shi just now I wrote shit, which reminded me of all the funny YouTube videos that have been going around lately. Have you seen them?! So funny. If not, check out this one and if your really spanish or have really spanish friends this one is pretty funny! LOL 

This outfit came together after waking up at 6:45 when I'm suppose to be at work at 7. So I jumped out of the bed and threw this on. Not too bad considering I was half asleep. 


  1. Oooo I love love love your top! I love polka dots...so fun and cute :) Such a gorgeous color too...love it!


  2. LOVE your boots! Very cute look xo


  3. This is so darn cute! I love this look Melody. You did great especially with 15 min. to get ready. And lol at the "sh** girls say videos" all of them are so funny!

  4. stripes, polka dots...looks like we share the same love for prints as colors (i.e. the mint sweater in the last post)!


  5. You look like that in a cinch? I am jealous. I am also loving those boots. I think I have told you that before but I do. Aldo loving that polk-a-dot blouse. The length of it is perfect. Hope you had a good day even though you woke up late.

  6. Very cute! I really like the rust and pink combo

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