Pink Sparkles & Red Lips

Forever21 Cardigan, Target t-shirt, Charlotte Russe Jeans, Shi by Journeys boots
Forever21 feather necklace turned into bracelet
After the clasp on this necklace broke I didn't really know what to do with it, I didn't want to throw it out. So I made earrings with some of the feathers and last night after playing around with it for a little while, I just wrapped it around my wrist and tied the ends. I think it looks pretty cool. 

If you follow me on twitter you saw a sneak peak of this outfit last night. Josh and I were suppose to have date night. But at the last minute, like literally walking out the door, he got called to go into work. 
booo Amtrak, you do this to me all the time! 
So instead of a long night of dinner and a movie, we had a quick dinner and coffee. 
Lately he's been working overnight so it was nice to go out together, even if it was only for an hour & a half. 
It's better than nothing! ; ) 

Have a Great Weekend!! Do you have any fun plans?!


  1. That sucks he got called into work :( But at least you got to spend some time with him! Cute outfit, I like the sequins :)

  2. love this! is there anything more fabulous than sparkle and red lips? maybe leopard...

  3. Love the sparkle! x www.casualglamorous.com

  4. aw boo, that's a bummer your bf had to work on date night... not gonna lie, i would be quite petulant about something like that ;)

    i love the sequins, here! i was just thinking today that if i lived in the city i would wear sequins all the time. feels a little out of place here in rural vermont, but i love them so much!

  5. How creative that you used the old necklace and made it into a bracelet. I love it!

  6. That sequin top is adorable and the boots give you a rocker look! I love this combo! You look sweet and like you can kick butt!

    found the route


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