Young Broke & Fabulous

dancing : )

Forever21 Blazer, Bangles, &Necklace, Thrift Sweater, Charlotte Russe Jeans, Shi by Journeys Boots

The title basically describes my life right now. Well... at least the bills are paid, there's food in the fridge, and clean clothes to wear. Oh yea, and a vacation to look forward to! 

PS. This outfit looks a lot better in person. Don't you hate when you don't get great pictures?!


  1. Cuuuute boots! The buckles on the front are so unique :) Happy Monday!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear!

    Great outfit, I love your boots! <3

  3. Here I was going to feel bad you being broke then I read you are leaving me on vacation. Brat! Ha ha. Is your blazer soft pink?

  4. Love your boots.. and i can totally relate to your post title!

    ♥ www.thegirlatfirstavenue.com


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