Life Lately

1. My friend ToniAnn and I were in my house last Saturday about to drink some wine, and I realized I don't have a wine opener. So we she used scissors to open it. Hey..don't judge, it worked! lol
2. A little positive reminder on my chalkboard in the kitchen.
3. What I was suppose to wear for NYE. Feather skirt & sequins cardigan
4. When boredom strikes, I send funny pictures to my besties. lol
5. My goddaughter. How cute does she look with those glasses & all her bangles?! 
6. My nephew. Just look at that smile, he's definitely going to be a ladies man.
7. My new purse I talked about a few days ago. 
8. The red dress I thrifted Wednesday. It was long and a lot bigger, so I took it in and shortened it. Thinking of wearing it for Valentine's Day. 


  1. Ooh awesome! Creative with the scissors, I wouldn't have thought of that! And that red dress looks awesome, nice job!

  2. great photos!
    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. Every time is better visit your blog.


  4. Melody, I have that same bag! From Target right?! Hooray we are bag twins, love it!!!!
    You look HOT in that dress, you should wear it of V-day for sure!
    Um... are you guys opening a wine bottle with scissors?


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