Holy Heatwave

Shirt Target Skirt Old Navy Sandals Blowfish Necklace & Bangles Forever21

Man is it hot outside today! Here in NJ we are going threw a heatwave, right now it's 93 degrees but feels like 100 and it's going to stay this way the rest of the week! But I don't want to complain too much cause after all the snow and rain this winter, I don't mind taking a few extra hot days.

After all summertime involves some of my favorite things..
Sunny days, beaches, amusement parks, BBQ, dresses and my birthday! July 20th 

Well I'm off to BBQ dinner with Josh. Enjoy the rest of your day! : )

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  1. oooo~~~thats a cute outfit~~~i luv the colour~~~so pretty and breezy~~~



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