Painful but worth it

H&M shirt/ Charlotte Russe jeans/ Target booties/ Gap beanie

Sorry these photos are kinda crappy. I took them inside hoping the lighting would be okay, but obviously they aren't the best.

I just bought these shoes from Target the other day and I love them, but there is one problem. First I want to say.. they were on sale for $18 and they were the last pair left. The problem is that they are a half size too small! lol I tried them on in the store and they felt okay so I brought them home with me. But when I have them on too long, I sorta can't feel my toes anymore. Do you think that has stopped me from wearing them?! Nope, not at all. I just can't stand for to long..lol

Have you ever bought shoes that don't really fit well?!


  1. LOL. I bought two pairs of shoes on a trip to NY a few yrs back. They were so small, I thought I could get them stretched. #FAIL.... I ended giving them away.. ps. those booties are bootiful.. lol

  2. SUCH cute shoes! I totally did the same thing with a pair of cobalt blue heels. Which totally sucks because I'd wear them so much more, but I just... can't...
    Instead I have them on a shelf for decoration. If I can't wear them, I need another way to show them off ;)
    Great outfit, love every bit!

  3. amazing sweater love the stripes!! xO!

  4. Haha, the things we do for fashion! You look ADORABLE in this outfit, love the hat and seriously though, the shoes are so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Haha! Oh I've definitely done that before but since my feet are so small the shoes I buy sometimes are too big! You look adorable in the hat and your hair looks so pretty!

    The Tiny Heart


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