Swap jacket (unknown brand)/ Thrift Gap sweater/ Charlotte Russe jeans/ Target purse/ Shi by Journeys boots/ Gap beanie

This sweater is one of my newest thrift finds, and one of my favorites. I've been really lucky lately. I usually go to the salvation army, while it may be a little dingy and dark, I always come out with a full bag. My latest outing I bought this sweater, two maxi dress (one from Target and the other is Wildfox) and the Asos dress from this post. All for just $22! Crazy right?! I was thinking of doing a video haul next time I go shopping. I love to watch them so I thought it would be fun to make one. Is that something you would be interested in?


  1. Wow, you ARE lucky!! Do a video haul! I'd love to see all the finds. And I love your hair in this post!

  2. You should do a haul Melody! I have been wanting to do videos but I get a bit nervous.. A haul would be awesome. I got awesome Via Spiga heels at the Salvation Army once for 6 bucks. score.. :)

  3. lovely sweater, you look so beautiful! xO!

  4. I love watching those, you should totally do that!


  5. I'd love to see a video! I am too scared to go into my Salvation Army since it's in Asbury and there's been so many shootings lately. I don't wanna get shot while shopping :)

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  6. Melody, you look SO cute! And your hair is getting so long, I love it. I'd love to watch a video! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I love thrift haul videos. I made a couple, but I haven't been thrifting in forever. I think that's probably a new record. But I love seeing what other people score. :) You look cute in that beanie and I love this casual chic look! <3


  8. Love this outfit! So casual and cute.


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